What Does He Know and When Did He Know It?
Some Questions About George H. W. Bush


Was George Bush working for the United States Government in 1963? And what was the son of Senator Prescott Bush doing the day JFK was blown away? The day after the assassination, why did the FBI brief Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency about the anti-Castro Cubans? Did George and his Iran/Contra buddy, Felix Rodriguez, have anything to do with the CIA Bay of Pigs thing? Has George been a Company man since the Company began? Is that why they are naming the CIA headquarters in honor of him?

Or is it because he saved the Agency when it was caught in Watergate? Nixon's replacement president, Gerald Ford, who was on the Warren Commission, appointed Bush to Director of the CIA. His assignment was damage control, stonewall the Senate investigation. Nixon skates into the sunset.

Or maybe it's for subverting the 1980 presidential elections by making covert deals with Iran. The American embassy hostages were released on the Reagan/Bush Inauguration Day and the first arms shipments started in 1981. And of course the Iran/Contra Committee limits the scope of the hearings and won't investigate anything before 1985. Good ol' boys....

Since Reagan was the Alzheimer's puppet, Bush was a 3-term president. He is responsible for all of the Iran/Contra thing, including the cover-up! The CIA employee, Eugene Hasenfus, was shot down over Nicaragua while illegally delivering weapons to the Contras. He had the phone number to the Vice-President's office in his pocket! And the records show that Felix Rodriguez, who was running the operation out of El Salvador, was calling Bush weekly. And remember that photo of Bush and Manuel Noriega? Noriega, the CIA operative and big-time drug dealer - get the picture? It's like giving diseased blankets to the Indians in inner city USA. Neat idea GB!

And Bush nobly gives a pardon to co-conspirator, Lying Caspar Weinberger, before the perjury trial! He never has to talk. Cap was one of the four voting members of the National Security Council, as was Bush, Dutch and Schultz. Everybody walks. The only ones to do hard time in jail were the protesters at the Iran/Contra hearings. They held up a sign that said "Ask About The Drug Smuggling."

And it was Bush who watched over America as it became a debtor nation for the first time in history. And a son of a Bush is a direct link to the Savings and Loan thing. Neil Bush and the Silverado billion dollar bailout. And the other sons of a Bush have that contra money laundry, Jeb and George Junior. It's the BCCI family business thing.

And that Persian Gulf War thing... Saddam Hussein is the Iraqi dictator who was supported by the CIA through a fraudulent Italian bank, the BNL thing. Wow! The Bush Department of Justice really came through for him on that one. We are all taken by surprise when Saddam becomes, as Bush says, "Worse than Hitler." Bush spends a few billion dollars pounding on the Iraqi people. There is an opportunity to take out the Beast of Baghdad, but Bush mysteriously backs off, leaving Hitler Plus in place. Now there is some strong foreign policy!

So they want to honor this guy. Like the Hoover FBI building, the CIA gets the Bush building. Isn't that special?

Now it's time for the honorable George Bush and his co-conspirator, Brent Scowcroft, to co-write their book. My favorite Brent story goes back to that secret illegal war in Cambodia. Brent was No. 1 suck-up to Henry "The Mad Man" Kissinger. Along with Tricky Dick Nixon, they spread the Viet Nam War and tell the Cambodians that the USA supports their struggling democracy. Billions of dollars are spent bombing rice farmers, killing a million civilians. Then the USA pulls out, leaving the chumps and the spoils to Pol Pot. A proud moment in United States history.

And that Iraqi/BNL loan shark thing, there's Brent, the facilitator. And Brent was one of the three members of the Tower Commission, whose mission was to whitewash the Iran/Contra travesty. It was Republican Senator, and Texas buddy of Bush, John Tower, Scowcroft, who later became NSC chief for Bush, and Carter's Secretary of State, Senator Edmund Muskie. And, as it turns out, Muskie was one of the moles in the Carter White House. This takes us back to the sabotaging of the 1980 Presidential elections.

Both Bush and Brent are well qualified to write a book titled World Transformed. It's their textbook for terrorism, extortion, racketeering, treason and assassination.


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